We’re very flexible in the bedroom…

Capturing a number of images from one CGI room-set

Single room-sets provide excellent value for money, using a single room-set to capture multiple images of soft furnishings, freestanding storage, fitted storage, and bedroom furniture.

We can use the same CGI framework to capture a wide range of furniture and storage configurations within the same room-set. So you can select a range of door finishes and colours, internal shelving layouts with doors open and closed.

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Creating your room-sets using cgi

Creative, flexible and cost effective

We can change the overall design of the same room-set by varying the wall coverings, flooring, windows, lighting and props so you can use the same CGI framework to produce very different looking sets.

We have a CGI archive full of exisiting room-set components including architectural features, period windows, modern windows, doors and various flooring finishes which can be used to create the perfect, cost-effective backdrop for your products.

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When you need a softer touch

For textiles, soft furnishings and fluffy things

If your product range is more foused on soft furnishings, fabrics, curtains, and bedding then photography is our recommended method of capturing fine detail and textures. It’s the only way to do these softer edged products justice – but we do have a few secrets under the bed that you may not have considered before. Call us to see how we can help create your next portfolio.

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More images you should look at…

View the current portfolio  |  View more adaptable room-sets

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