Creating visually striking and natural CGI room sets is our passion.

Since our start as a photographic studio, we have worked alongside leading manufacturers to deliver inspiring and covetable room-set and product photography to market their products. It’s this depth of experience that provides us with an expert foundation when creating authentic Computer Generated Images (CGI).

CGI can be used for a number of reasons, whether it’s to promote a product that doesn’t yet exist, or retouching an existing shot to freshen up brand literature. But it is an art form that requires practiced care, attention and skill.

At Cyan, we are adept in providing authentic CGI imagery for our clients. So why not get in touch to see what we can do for your brand?


We apply the same scrupulous care to every project. We also appreciate the complicated needs and skills required to deliver natural CG images, whether this is for a full room-set or for a product shoot.

We love to talk about our interior designer’s approach to all projects and this extends to CGI. We work on each project with the same methodology as a room-set brief, from mood board through to execution. And our expertise in photography and lighting enables us to skilfully produce and vet every image for it’s authenticity.


To create outstanding CG images there needs to be a careful attention to detail. After discussing the brief with you we set upon creating a mood board prior to creating the image on the computer.

Beginning with a 3D model, our talented team can then add textures and lighting effects to create the perfect illusion of a real-life image. It’s our intrinsic understanding of photography and lighting that really enables us to produce photorealistic images.


We understand that most products and marketing materials have a shelf-life. CGI can breathe new life into existing shots to freshen up the colours, style or more intricate product details without the expense of creating a completely new room-set.

At the same time, CGI can be used to retouch an existing photograph to add in additional details as product ranges change or to create multiple shots of the same scene simply by altering colour and texture. You can also be amazingly detailed, adding in textures and materials on CGI room-sets creating depth, scale and perspective to any shot.


CG images can be used for a number of reasons, but most ingeniously, it’s a valuable tool when bringing a new product to life, lifting ideas off the page prior to production just from technical sketches.

With the right professional treatment, CG images can be amazingly detailed to showcase intricate details in marketing new products, allowing brands the additional time to market a product.


We believe that providing a value for money and innovative service means making creative suggestions. CGI is a cost effective and eco-friendly way of creating eye-catching room-sets. It is also a smart method of allowing brands to use room-sets or products months or even years down the line.

Virtual room-sets can be considerably cheaper than building the real thing. This ensures you get more bang for your buck. The cost and time for a full set-build are slashed. There’s no need to transport often large and bulky items to the studio for use on set, and we can recreate dramatic features and architectural effects for you with just a few clicks of the mouse.


CGI gives you ultimate freedom when it comes to creating awe-inspiring visual effects down to the intricate details.

Certain pieces of furniture or props can be expensive to hire, and CGI opens up a world of opportunity when it comes to stretching budgets. And our expert team of stylists have the tools to remodel the look and feel of any image to ensure that every shot is perfectly composed.