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“Photography encapsulates the idea of ‘a trace of lifestyle’. Modern sets coupled with singular pieces of furniture allow tiles to stand out and create impact whilst forming a sympathetic background that allows for individuality and a personal touch. “

Massimo Acanfora, Creative Director. Conran Studio.

The Product

British Ceramic Tile is the largest manufacturer of ceramic & glass tiles in the UK, with a long-standing British heritage. Conran and Partners and British Ceramic Tile have worked together to create Trace, a collection of textured tiles inspired by the iterative forms of nature, available in a range of soft, contemporary colours.

All three Trace families, Fractal, Linea and Tactile, are complemented by co-ordinating matt floor tiles in seven colours and two sizes. Combining wall and floor tiles in the same colour creates a unified look that can help to make a room look bigger, whilst a contrasting colour adds interest and balance.

The Trace colour palette has been carefully refined and designed as a whole, ensuring that any combination will result in a harmonious space.

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The Brief

Conran insisted the images and styling be very simple, using very controlled lighting to enhance the angles, shapes and surfaces of each tile. They suggested we approach the tile collection as a range of individual products and treat each as a product shot rather than a room set.
We were also asked to exclusively use designer props and just 1 prop per shot.

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Skill Set

Our team are highly skilled and creative, comprising of project managers, designers, stylists and photographers.

From the initial ideas through to the final retouches, they all played a vital role in creating the resulting photographic images for this project.

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After receiving the brief we made sure that we had fully understood the clients vision and expectations. This project was about using lighting to bring out the dynamic shapes and textures of the tiles. We experimented using very considered lighting at various angles and combinations to enhance the subtle contours and facets of each tile. The lighting was adjusted and filtered to achieve the correct effect for each tile.

Introducing the ‘designer’ props to each set gives a hint of the lifestyle, context to the space and scale to the individual tiles. We worked closely with the Conran team, reviewing each element of the project in absolute detail from sourcing the correct props, lighting each set and retouching process.

This was a demanding project from start to finish but the resulting unconventional images were very well received by Conran Studio and British Ceramic Tile and while not everybody will like this approach they filled the brief perfectly. We love them!

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