You don’t need a big budget to achieve great photography

Our adaptable single room-sets provide excellent value for money, using a single room-set to capture multiple photographs of furnishings, wall coverings, appliances and other home improvement products.

We’re just as enthusiastic producing amazing images for SMEs as we are with our larger commissions. We apply the exact same styling and production processes but with an eye on the available budget, we often have to get more creative with how products are set and photographed.

Building your room-sets

Architectural Features

We have a studio full of existing room-set components including architectural features, period windows, modern windows, doors, various flooring finishes. We also have kitchen fittings, bathrooms pieces etc which can all be used to create the perfect, cost-effective backdrop for your products.

Dressing your room-sets

Props Room

We hold over 1000 individual pieces in our props room including larger items such as sofa’s and dining tables, plus 100’s of smaller items such as accessories and electrical goods.

Many of these items are used in the examples below and our
current portfolio.

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Images taken using a few different adaptive room-sets