Flexible Furniture Room Sets

If you’re a furniture retailer, manufacturer or distributor then you should talk to us about flexible room sets for freestanding furniture. We’ve been working with an increasing number of clients to produce creative room set photography that showcases their furniture products.

We find that photography gives the best image quality when capturing bedroom, living room and dining room furniture due to the diversity in textures, surfaces and soft, tactile items used to dress these sets.

Unlike room-sets for fixed products such as tiles and wall coverings, once constructed, furniture room-sets can be used to capture multiple lifestyle images and showcase the finer details in fabrics and soft furnishings and the craftsmanship of furniture.

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Talk to us about product photography & roomsets

If you use photography or CGI to market your products then we’d love to have a chat!

Get in touch with Adele or Leesa.

T. 0113 277 6960
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E. info@cyanstudios.co.uk

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