Photography that puts your brand in the spotlight.

Cyan Studios started as a photography studio, so it’s no wonder that our team are practised professionals when it comes to creating original and striking shots.

We love what we do and so to us, each brief is a refreshing photography challenge demanding our special care, attention and innovative thinking. We understand that photography isn’t down to just good equipment or talent.

It comes down to a melting pot of the best tools, commercial experience and vision. We pride ourselves in possessing these innate skills and exhaustive experience when it comes to crafting beautiful and memorable photography, and this is why our clients use us again and again

Project planning

We believe the key to any project’s success lies in the detail, the focus and the personal attention it receives, right through from brief to completion. That’s why our directors Leesa and Adele lead every Cyan project personally.

We appreciate the importance of giving you a clear and authoritative point of contact from someone who is fully involved in every stage, from quotation to completion. And for us, this means meticulously planning each project, from design stage, right though to post-production.

Being transparent is also paramount to us. So we actively work with clear and communicated timeframes and costs at each stage, so you can feel confident your project is benefiting from the highest level of attention.

Styling & design

During this crucial stage, it’s vital to ensure that all details are covered. Whether it’s the colour schemes, flooring, set design or prop themes, we pay scrupulous attention to all facets of a clients brief. It’s this diligence that allows you to feel truly confident that we not only have everything covered, but that we’ve provided the best advice to achieve outstanding results.

We like to think that we’re creating an individual world with every new project, so we pay particular attention to ensure all team members are fully educated on the brief in hand, making constant reference to visual style boards for clarity and inspiration.

Set building

Our facilities boast a large and fully equipped workshop. This provides us with the scope to build even the biggest room-sets from scratch and to client spec.

We strongly believe in offering value for money concepts and our vast and well stocked studios allow us to do just that. We have many existing set-components ready to be perfectly adapted to new projects. From open plan living rooms, to duplex apartments, to patio door sets leading onto gardens; whatever your requirements, we have the capability and skills to deliver even the biggest and most complicated concepts.


At Cyan, our speciality is in showcasing products to their best advantage. Video can be a valuable tool to illustrate new products and to demonstrate its attributes and features. The rise of online shopping has generated a real need for creating platforms that clearly demonstrate the features of products to better aid understanding and in turn, provide a sales lift. Our experienced team have filmed a wide range of products and are uniquely placed to expertly advise on your options to display your product to the best advantage.


With an enviable repertoire of experience, from room-set photography to location shoots, our photographers are able to apply their skill to each project to elicit stunning results. Creating a perfect mix of composition and natural lighting to get the most out of each shoot is something we’re specialists in.

Having access to our own blackout and daylight studios also provides us with the flexibility to provide a comprehensive photography service to cover virtually every brief. While only using the best professional camera and lighting equipment (Sinar 5×4 and medium format cameras) guarantees images that are natural and of the best quality. And our state of the art digital camera backs (Phase One ) ensures that file sizes are large enough to use even on HGVs.


We pride ourselves in providing natural and visually spectacular results. Our photography experience and facilities enable us to do this every time. And we also have an on-site, specialist post-production team on hand to perfect images to the highest standard. From retouching the colour for a perfect balance, to adding an exterior view to a large window, to correcting faults on prototype products, you can rely on our experienced team to handle post-production demands professionally to deliver truly quality results