CGI bathroom images for Hudson Reed


The ‘Shaws Of  Darwen’ Brief

Shaws of Darwen have been producing timeless, iconic, fireclay products at their premises in North West England since 1897. Every one of their uniquely beautiful, practical, handmade sinks carries an impression on its base of the name of the master craftsman who created it.

They approached Cyan Studios to produce a portfolio of inspiring images that considered the heritage of their brand and the flexibility of their products in traditional and contemporary settings.

The resulting collection of images perfectly present these beautifully crafted ceramic products.

We hope we made a lasting impression too!

Design and Styling

Understanding the brief for this project challenged our stylists. How to interpret ideas considering key phrases by the client. “Designed to meet the contemporary aspirations and demands of modern day life, Traditional design. Timeless appeal. The perfect, iconic focal point for any bathroom. Luxurious 21st Century living behind 19th Century façades”.

And the importance of key product attributes such as iconic, timeless and aspirational. All with a touch of contemporary luxury and a little loft living!

The Cyan stylists researched the initial look and feel – creating detailed style boards and design proposals for the clients approval. The designs were developed to present the ceramic sink products in contemporary settings that reflected the key points.

Individual product elements, props, walls and floors were created by referencing the product designs and specifications, using CGI wire frames and modelling followed by some post production on the renders.

The resulting images are photo realistic interpretations of the actual products that are visually and technically correct. Complemented by the imaginative sets,  the project was a complete success.

Style board used for Shaws Of Darwen
Style board used for Shaws Of Darwen


Skill Set

This was a project using a traditional approach to product photography but using modern CGI production. We were supplied with a brief and visual references as a guide. Our styling and design team then set to work producing set designs and decor suggestions using style boards.

From the initial styling, design and planning, selection of props, the team were committed to creating a set of high quality contemporary images to compliment the history and quality of these traditionally crafted products.

We’re over the moon to add Shaws Of Darwen to our growing client list!

Project Outcome

The final images have been used on the Shaws Of Darwen website at and in various publications and marketing materials.

CGI bathroom images used in Hudson Reed Brochure

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