Symphony Kitchen Photography by Cyan Studios. Roomsets for kitchen manufacturers

Adding the ‘Desire’ to Symphony Group kitchen range.

Our brief was to produce marketing images for the Symphony Group, the UK’s largest privately owned manufacturer of fitted kitchen, fitted bedroom and fitted bathroom furniture.


Objects of desire!

Design and Styling

Symphony asked us to produce a portfolio of diverse images that would inspire consumers with varying tastes and style preferences.

The Cyan stylists developed the look and feel for three very different kitchens designed to appeal to to three very different audiences. Starting with detailed style boards and resulting in a portfolio of images with added desire!

The range included the ‘Shaker’ style kitchen which we set in a light filled, family country home with connections to outside. We create the ‘desire’ with careful lighting and the utmost attention to each individual prop and detail.

The ‘old mill’ look kitchen room set is an eclectic mix of old and new aimed at creative types who like the juxtaposition of of natural materials such as brick and wood coupled with clean lines, no clutter, occasional objet d’art and statement pieces. Loft living, urban chic of the moment to appeal to those that desire something different in a kitchen.

The clean, uncluttered aspect of the modern kitchen is reflected in the architect designed home. This light and spacious contemporary room set was created to appeal to a modern family where everything is just so. The room set reflects the sharp lines and surroundings of the kitchen design. The styling team carefully selected high end pieces including lighting, furniture and other objects to compliment the kitchen and the room set and increase the ‘desire’.



Skill Set

Our team are a highly skilled and creative group comprising of project managers, designers, stylists, CGI designers, set builders and photographers.

From the initial styling, design, project management and scene building, they all played a vital role in completing the final retouched set of images.

Symphony Group

Symphony is the UK’s largest privately owned manufacturer of fitted kitchen, fitted bedroom and fitted bathroom furniture with a turnover exceeding £180 million and over 1300 employees. Their customers include housing developers, social housing providers, independent retailers and merchants. 

Symphony offers their broad range of customers an unrivaled portfolio of brands including the Laura Ashley Kitchen Collection, Gallery, Koncept, Kubix, Aquadi and Urbano offering complete portfolios of furniture and accessories for every project. They pride their selves on this diverse product range, their cutting edge manufacturing capabilities and outstanding service providing customers with everything they need to succeed.

Here’s some short case studies from some of our favourite projects.

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Decisions, decisions.

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