Unpanelled Walls – Pre-built Room Set

Nice and smooth. This one’s so flexible.

This unpanelled room pre-built roomset is the perfect flexible space to to create outstanding shots for your products. Use the standard set with no customisation and we’ll jump to the next stage. If you want to add some finishing touches then take a look at the following options.

So what’s included for the £400?

  • mid-grey walls
  • large period deep sill window in white
  • pale oak rustic floorboards
  • studio hire
  • set size up to 10ft x 10ft (which is large enough to photograph 1 item of furniture i.e. a sofa or a bed etc)  up to 20ft available, price on request
  • photography and equipment (1st shot and 1 reshoot if you have any tweaks)
  • stylist and stock props
  • 1 main shot & 1 re-shoot if required

Walls: Change the wall colours and decor. No problem.
Change the walls from white to any colour of your choice or ask our stylist to suggest an alternative.
Fee (to cover paint and labour) £100

Floors: Specify different flooring. OK.
Change the floor to any of the following; pale grey painted floorboards, white washed floorboards, reclaimed mill floor, various tiles, carpet.
Fee (to cover labour to change) £150

Windows: Choose a different window style or exterior vista. Why not?
Changing the view can transform the image (city scape, landscape etc)
Fee £50


STEP 2: Your Products

It’s all about your products: This is where you give us your inventory to be photographed. We’ll talk through your selected products and give you good advice about how to get the best from this set and the type of props we’ll use.


STEP 3: Styling

Lets put some soul in to it. Our stylists will draw on years of experience, contemporary trends and exceptional taste to bring everything together. The compositions will ensure your products are the star.


STEP 4: Let’s light it up

Illuminating. Lighting is so important and we think we’re pretty darn good at it! We’ll light each individual set to ensure integrity of colour and texture for your products. Lighting can also be used to create a very different look using the same room set.

Want to know more about cost saving pre-built room sets!

Get in touch with Adele or Leesa.

T. 0113 277 6960
F. 0113 277 6961
E. info@cyanstudios.co.uk


Cyan Studios Ltd.
Unit 2 . South Leeds Trade Centre
Belle Isle Road
LS10 2DL



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