Friday!! The 1st week back after the six week holiday is always the hardest but deep down I think we all crave a little bit of structure and routine. Well, maybe only Monday – Friday The weekend is different,  precious times where we can reflect, play, entertain, party, read a good book or do some much needed DIY.

Cyan studios was asked to create a small kitchen set that shows off a new range of mosaic and floor tiles. We happily designed and created this kitchen for Verona to showcase their new Izen white tile range. Alongside the main shot we created a close up cameo to really see the detail of the tiles.

The lifestyle element of the shot creates a sense of calm and relaxation before the day ahead. We doubt very much that you can peruse a morning paper at 7.30am Monday to Friday but Saturday and Sunday maybe 🙂

A few words from Hannah Preston our much loved Junior Stylist who worked on creating this shot. “I really loved working on this set, we sourced some great  accessories that complemented the kitchen. By adding the newspaper and coffee I feel adds something that the viewer can relate to and makes the kitchen seem more realistic and lived in.”

We source many of our props from reclaimers yards and independent retailers but on this occasion we found some great homeware items from Marks and Spencer’s.

See the tiles for yourself at The Verona Group website –

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